3 New Social Media Sites to Watch Going Into 2017

You’ve mastered Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram. Your mad skills with LinkedIn and Snapchat are almost legendary. And you’ve done it all while running a small business – in fact, you’ve used these platforms to raise brand awareness and increase your bottom line. You’re a savvy social entrepreneur… But who has time to vet all the new social media sites? We outline three promising new sites here for your convenience – three of the hottest new social apps to watch for as we head toward 2017.


You might call this the love child of Instagram and Reddit. Hyper users are invited to post pictures that the community gets to vote on, and the results are posted for everyone to see. The goal is to get as many votes as possible using images you shoot or pull from sources around the web. You can also hashtag your posts and add descriptions to your content.

Unlike Instagram, Hyper users can post multiple images – so there’s no limit to creativity. As the Hyper community rallies around your content (hopefully), your visibility rises. From a small business standpoint this means you might feature branded moments or spotlight something cool about your customers. And that’s reason enough to get hyper about this app.


If you just used Musical.ly for it’s lip synching capabilities, you’d have a lot of fun. But you’d be missing out on the features that make this unique app experience a go-to weapon for small businesses with a story to tell.

Musical.ly lets you shoot and combine clips up to 60 seconds in length to create powerful digital content. Imagine a trailer for your business that you create and control, then launch to the community for all to enjoy. Will it be a Spielberg smash or an indy sleeper? It’s up to you to create content that raises awareness and drives traffic. There really are no limits to what you can create, post and learn from. Which is music to the ears of most small business owners.


Who says social media for business has to be all business? Peach gives you the power to lighten up on the job and then some. It’s part messaging app and part digital activity center, all in the name of serious fun.

Are you a stylist who wants to post a silly image of an employee with a drawn-in moustache? Peach can make it happen. What’s more, it allows you to instantly gauge the reaction – so you can see if your post was a hit or if you need to go back to the drawing board.

Peach was invented by the founder of Vine, a social media app that recently surpassed its 40 millionth registered user. While it’s still a fledgling app by comparison, it’s expected to continue to grow like the fruit it’s named after.

Like many new apps, availability continues to evolve. Check your Apple or Android app store to see which of these exciting free platforms you can access.