Sparklight® Business Launches 5 Gig Symmetrical Fiber Internet Service to Small, Medium-sized Businesses in Columbus

Phoenix, AZ


Columbus businesses will soon have access to 5 Gigs of symmetrical internet speed with the launch of Sparklight® Business’ Piranha Fiber® Ferociously Fast Internet.

"Piranha Fiber is the first 5 gigabit fiber optic internet service available to small and medium-sized businesses in the Columbus area,” said Chris Boone, Sparklight Senior Vice President of Business Services and Emerging Markets. “And because it’s a fiber connection, businesses can enjoy the same blazing speed on both downloads and uploads.”

Sparklight has served the Columbus area for more than 25 years. With investments of more than $12 million in Columbus and surrounding areas over the past three years on network upgrades and enhancements, Sparklight brings the latest technology and fastest speeds to its customers. As part of the company’s ongoing investment, and with the launch of this service, Sparklight is expanding its offerings to local businesses while contributing to the economic development of the state.

“We serve more than 76,000 businesses across our 21-state footprint, but in every sense of the word we’re a local provider,” Boone said. “Our sales, service and technical teams are proud to call the markets we serve home, living and working right alongside the businesses we serve. We’re seeing firsthand all the business challenges of the new normal, and increased speed is one of the ways we can help.”

For today’s businesses, a fast, reliable internet connection has moved from being a convenience to an absolute necessity.

“Businesses need lightning-fast internet speed to communicate and collaborate, to send and share data, to take advantage of cloud applications and cloud-based operational software, to run order and delivery systems and so much more,” Boone said.

Piranha Fiber service is delivered over a passive optical network or PON – an extremely reliable fiber-based architecture and shared bandwidth that allows Sparklight Business to provide connectivity over a broader customer base and offer the fiber connection at a price that’s affordable for most small businesses.

“This means it offers the affordability and easy access of cable, along with the speed, security and reliability of fiber,” Boone said.

Several Piranha Fiber internet plans are available, allowing businesses to choose the level of service that’s right for them, beginning at 50 megabits per second and easily scaling to 5 gigabits per second.

Sparklight Business also offers up to 100 gigabits per second of symmetrical speed to larger businesses over a dedicated connection.

Businesses can visit for more details.



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