Sparklight® Business Bringing 5 Gig Symmetrical Fiber Internet Service to Texarkana Businesses

Texarkana, TX


Texarkana businesses will soon have access to 5 Gigs of symmetrical internet speed with the launch of Sparklight Business’ new service, Piranha Fiber® – Ferociously Fast Internet.

"Piranha Fiber will be the first 5 gigabit fiber optic internet service available to small and medium-sized businesses in Texarkana,” said Chris Boone, Vice President of Business Services for Sparklight. “No other provider in the area can deliver that kind of speed or reliability at a price local businesses can afford.”

Sparklight, formerly Cable One, has served the Texarkana area for more than 45 years. With investments of more than $10 million in Texarkana and surrounding areas over the past five years on network upgrades and enhancements, Sparklight brings the latest technology and fastest speeds to its customers. As part of the company’s ongoing investment, and with the launch of this new service, Sparklight is expanding its service offerings to local businesses while contributing to the economic development of the state.

“Piranha Fiber uses best-in-class fiber optic technology,” said Boone. “That means we can deliver the fastest speeds over the most reliable network to help businesses operate more efficiently. We are pleased to bring advanced technology typically found only in larger metropolitan areas to Texarkana.”

Several Piranha Fiber internet speed tiers will be available, beginning with 50 megabits per second and scaling to 5 gigabits per second. All Sparklight Business telephone services – including Hosted Voice, unlimited phone lines and trunking services – also will be available to businesses over the company’s new fiber network.

“As with all Sparklight Business services, Piranha Fiber is backed by the company’s highest level of customer service and technical support,” said Boone. “We live in the communities we serve, and our goal is to be the most trusted provider of business services to our customers and neighbors. Sparklight Business does everything possible to ensure our customers have an outstanding experience. That's why we offer 24-hour technical support, and more importantly, local offices where our customers can talk to a business specialist in their community.”

Businesses can visit for more details.

About Sparklight

Sparklight® is a leading broadband communications provider and part of the Cable One family of brands, which serves more than 900,000 residential and business customers in 21 states. Sparklight provides consumers with a wide array of connectivity and entertainment services, including high-speed internet and advanced Wi-Fi solutions, cable television and phone service. Sparklight Business provides scalable and cost-effective products for businesses ranging in size from small to mid-market, in addition to enterprise, wholesale and carrier customers.