What to Look for in a Hotel TV System

From vacationers to those on business trips, many guests can't wait to get back to their hotel, turn on the television and unwind. In fact, they may consider your television setup when they think about their overall experience and the enjoyment of your hotel. A good hotel TV setup has to be able to support dozens (or hundreds) of rooms, provide the best television programming and offer the high quality that guests have come to expect.

Reliable, High-Definition Television 

It's very likely that your guests have HDTV at home -- and they'll notice the difference in quality if your hotel does not. Standard definition programming looks muddled and indistinct on high-definition televisions. You need high-definition television streams and the capacity to direct those high-definition streams to hundreds of guests at once. A reliable television provider will be able to deliver HDTV to your rooms with guaranteed uptime standards.

No Set-Top Boxes

Managing in-room technology can be a chore. Not only does it eat up administrative time, but it also creates headaches for guests. When looking for a hotel TV system setup, look for a setup that doesn't require any in-room set-top boxes. Today’s new standard is IPTV or Internet Protocol Television, which delivers TV over IP networks for crisp, reliable viewing. Everything will be managed through a single, consolidated location, and your hotel staff won't need to deal with constant service calls.

A Wide Range of Channels

When guests choose to spend their leisure time in your hotel, they don't want to be relegated to 12 channels of programming. The wider your range of channels, the more satisfied they'll be. Today’s guests are used to either having a wide array of cable channels or being able to select what they want to watch on demand. Further, the interests of your guests could vary -- you need to have a solid inventory of lifestyle, sports, and news programming to suit any audience. 

The Most Popular Channels

In addition to having a wide range of channels, you also need to have some of the most popular channels. These include popular news, sports and entertainment stations like CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, USA, TBS, and AMC. Many travelers will look specifically for the channels that are familiar to find something that they enjoy. 

Digital Music Options

Some people don't want to watch television -- they just want to keep the music going. Having an assortment of digital music options can give your customers multiple options for a relaxing night in your hotel. Many cable packages now come with a variety of music stations that cover different types of musical experience. 

Bundled Internet Services

To save money, reduce administrative time, and improve the consistency of your services, consider bundling your cable with your internet. Internet is now one of the major amenities that guests look at when they choose a hotel, especially if they are going to be staying for business. Fiber internet connections make it easier for guests to stream their own video solutions, complete their work, and just relax with their own digital media. 

Television shouldn't be an afterthought for any hotel; it's a large part of the guest experience and your entertainment offering. By providing your guests a variety of reliable, high-definition programming, you'll add to their comfort and satisfaction throughout their stay.