Maximum Uptime Around the Clock: Internet for Banks and Financial Institutions

In every industry, high speed internet is becoming a necessity. Among those that need it most, financial institutions have become more complex and rely more upon cloud-based solutions and online platforms. They must communicate transactional changes across the globe within seconds. 

From operations to customer experience, banks are only as good as their internet service is fast, secure and reliable. Fiber internet speeds are now the highest available. Faster processing means less wait time for customers and increased productivity for employees. 

Every Hour is a Business Hour

Financial institutions rely on the internet during business hours to complete their transactions, but they also do large volumes of data processing after hours. Banks need reliable internet services that can deliver the maximum amount of uptime around the clock.

Slow internet speeds and outages can have serious consequences when performing complex transactions like batch processing. Fiber is a newer, faster technology, and is more reliable than other alternatives. These connections don't encounter interference as is common with DSL and cable. Fiber can perform reliably and at high speeds both during business hours and after hours – whenever the financial institution needs it. 

Security for Bank and Financial Institutions

Fiber internet services are more secure than DSL or cable. Data encryption and security protocols will always be important to the security of an internet connection; however, there are still some security advantages that a fiber internet service can provide.

Through 24/7 managing and monitoring services, any issues with the fiber internet service can be quickly detected and mitigated. Versatile fiber connections also provide the ability to offer voice and video conferencing solutions along the same line as internet service. This means maintaining one secure communication line, instead of multiple.  

VoIP Telecommunications Services

In addition to having a broadly connected network, financial institutions also need to provide a significant amount of support through voice calling. VoIP telecommunications services make it possible to have both telephone and internet data services through a single connection. As mentioned above, this is more secure – and can also be more cost-effective.

Fiber connections are fast enough that they can support even a large organization's voice and internet data, thereby streamlining their solutions. VoIP run on a fiber line produces crystal clear audio without interference from data being processed on the same connection.

Dedicated fiber technology can provide everything that a bank or financial institution needs for its internet services, telephone services and more. Through fiber, internet for banks can be fast, reliable, secure and easily integrated with internal technologies. Even better, this is a future-proofed technology that will remain reliable and scalable, making it a valuable investment in core infrastructure.