Learn about the Benefits of Business TV to Grow Your Business

The Benefits of Business TV

No matter your industry, commercial cable TV can keep your customers, employees, and guests informed and entertained during their visit to your business. Whether you want business class cable for your break room or lobby, sports channels at your café, or a suite of programming to multiple guest rooms, Sparklight Business offers a wide variety of business TV solutions. Let’s take a look at how commercial cable benefits a variety of businesses.

Small Office

Almost all businesses have guests who visit from time to time. Instead of making your guests wait in uncomfortable silence, add business TV for offices to your waiting room. With a television in the lobby, you can keep your customers and visitors occupied to help the wait time seem shorter. In addition to your lobby, your business probably also has a break room. There’s no better way to keep you and your team entertained and informed in the break room than with business TV packages.

Sparklight Business’s most basic plans include up to five cable outlets so you can add commercial cable to the lobby, a break room, and conference rooms. Business TV for offices gives you choices of business channels like local broadcast stations, sports networks, lifestyle favorites like the Food Network and HGTV, and major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Music Choice is also available for continuous commercial-free background or mood music with more than 40 formats.

Restaurant and Bar

Your restaurant or bar relies on ambiance and atmosphere not only to attract customers, but to keep them engaged during their stay. Some of our restaurant customers select commercial-free music programming that can help reinforce their brand and theme. Others prefer offering news or sports to the multiple TVs throughout their location.

If you want to make your restaurant or bar a game-day destination, our sports packages—including networks like Fox Sports Networks, Big Ten Networks, ESPN News, The Golf Channel, and CBS Sports—can help drive business to your location. You can promote watching parties for sports events like the Super Bowl, the World Series, boxing matches, playoffs, and more. We’re happy to provide details about a sports bar TV setup & our top Business TV provider plans.

Hotel and Hospitality

Deliver reliable, high-quality entertainment to your guests’ rooms with commercial cable TV. Whether you’re a hotel or motel, an assisted-care living center, or other hospitality business, today’s connected guests will appreciate the variety of programming Sparklight Business can provide. Our hotel and hospitality TV solutions are similar to residential service in that each guest room will receive a wide selection of channels to select.

Our commercial cable solutions for hotel TV and hospitality industry include software and other technology that supplies each guest room with multiple cable TV channels without the need for a set-top box. You’ll be able to configure the software to assign the channels however you choose—including premium content like HBO and Showtime, and other customer favorites. Insert comments around Pro-Idiom services.

Why Sparklight Business?

At Sparklight Business, we don’t believe in using gimmicks to get your business—just choose the business TV package that fits your needs. Satellite companies have improved service over time, but their signals are still subject to weather conditions. Sparklight Business delivers business cable TV using digital MPEG-4 video over coax on a fiber-rich network to ensure your business cable television experience is clear and reliable.

We also offer bundle packages that include commercial cable TV, business phone and Internet service together on the same bill. Our friendly representatives will help you choose a business TV package that meets your needs, regardless of size or industry. Our prioritized 24/7 business support means you’re just a call away from problem resolution any time of day or night. Contact us today to learn more about changing your organization’s atmosphere with cable TV for business.


* All programming and rates for Cable TV services are subject to change. Additional fees based on occupancy apply to hospitality customers for some networks including Fox Regional Sports and Big Ten Network. A local broadcast surcharge applies to all Sparklight TV packages and varies by market. An additional sports surcharge applies to the Business News & Information and Business News & Sports package in most markets. A separate performance license may be necessary for Music Choice in certain commercial settings. Equipment, taxes and fees not included in the above rates. All services not available in all areas.