How Fiber Optic Internet Can Improve Productivity

Boosting Productivity with Fiber Optic Internet

Sparklight Business, formerly Cable ONE Business, takes pride in enabling our customers to propel their businesses forward. We specialize in improving productivity, since fast, reliable fiber internet service can mean the difference between getting the job done today or waiting until tomorrow. Here are some of our favorite success stories:

Fiber for Increased Bandwidth - Affinity Partnerships

Based in Pocatello, Idaho, Affinity Partnerships helps companies nationwide provide loan assistance to their members. When Affinity added a new call center, it needed high-bandwidth, reliable internet service to satisfy the high-bandwidth needs of its support staff. Sparklight Business tailored a solution via a customized fiber optic network to meet these needs, enabling the company to provide almost instantaneous service and support to its customers. Get the whole Affinity Partnerships story.

"The Sparklight team's been great to work with... and we couldn't be happier with the service."

Cesar Salgado, Senior Vice President Affinity Partnerships

Higher Quality Fiber Connections - Hampton Inn & Suites

The Hampton Inn & Suites located in Prescott Valley, Arizona wanted to provide guests with a higher level of Internet service. After reviewing fiber optic internet companies, they chose Sparklight Business to provision the hotel and its 118 rooms with 30 Mbps symmetrical fiber optic internet service—and in four years, the hotel experienced only a single outage. Read more.

Fiber for Prescott College

The IT department of Prescott College, located in Prescott, Arizona, was struggling to meet the high demand of its students and staff. They were looking not only to grow, but to improve upon their educational capabilities by expanding remote learning and adding virtual desktops to their computer labs. The college engaged Sparklight Business to provide a dedicated fiber optic connection using our nationwide fiber backbone, and now they're able to keep students and staff connected across campus with more than adequate bandwidth leftover. See the full story.

Scalable Fiber Internet - RadPayor

This cloud-based healthcare billing software provider, headquartered in Denison, Texas, operates a remote platform its customers can connect to through any internet-connected device. RadPayor relies on constant uptime, and needed incredibly-reliable, scalable, fiber internet service to power its operations. The company's dedicated Sparklight Business fiber optic connection is always on, and provides the flexibility to easily increase bandwidth as the company and its clients grow. Learn more about the RadPayor solution.

Custom Fiber Solutions - Raymond Management Company (RMC)

This Midwest-based hospitality real estate developer and manager operates more than 30 hotels across the United States. It partnered with Sparklight Business to create a custom fiber optic bundle at a Hampton Inn & Suites location in Boise, Idaho. Its 100 Mbps dedicated, symmetrical internet service is fast and reliable enough to meet guest needs today—and tomorrow. View the RMC story.

Dedicated Fiber Access - Safety Council of the Texas Mid-Coast (SCTMC)

A non-profit workforce training center in Port Lavaca, Texas, SCTMC provides safety training for a variety of industries including oil and gas, food production, and manufacturing. Because most of its training is provided online, a fast and reliable fiber internet connection is critical to operations. Its 20 Mbps dedicated, symmetrical internet connection is delivered over the nationwide Sparklight fiber optic network backbone and has enabled SCTMC to improve its offerings and satisfy its customers. Read about the SCTMC solution.

Why Choose Sparklight Business?

We can help your business improve productivity, too. In today's increasingly digital world, you need the best connection you can get—and that's fiber internet service. We offer flexible and customizable fiber optic bundles that can affordably meet the needs of companies of all sizes, in all industries. At Sparklight Business, we understand business internet, and we want to be a business partner that helps your company grow. Contact us today at 855-60-FIBER to learn how we can help you get connected to a fiber optic network.