How Does Cloud-Based Technology Help You Attract New Talent?

Technology provides businesses with the tools they need to attract and maintain good talent. A Hosted Voice system signals to potential new employees that your company presents an environment with the technology to support mobile work and the latest apps they’ll need to seamlessly communicate with associates and customers. 

“Without mobile technology-based service,” says one Hosted Voice provider, “employees are left using their personal phones for business or stuck carrying around two cell phones, one for business and the other for personal.”

Here are 3 ways that Hosted Voice -- a cloud-based phone system -- could help you attract new employees (and also retain your best people).

Mobile Work

Hosted Voice services provide mobile flex to employees, enabling productivity from anywhere they’re working.

It’s the type of flexibility that workers have grown to count on, and it can be a real draw to those looking at your company as a new employer. Whether the position is mobile-based, mostly in-office or somewhere in between, employees appreciate having the technology that allows the flexibility. 

Being able to work remotely speaks to a trend worth noting as you go to attract new talent. The desire to work from anywhere is a sentiment that’s not going away, according to The State of Remote Work 2020.

It’s the wave of the future workplace, where people have the flexibility to work remotely with teammates all around the world, says Buffer, a social media management software company that published the report with AngelList, a remote job marketplace.

In the study, 98 percent of the remote workers surveyed said they would like to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers. 

“This is a notable stat to have discovered; while remote work is sometimes portrayed as a trend, these results seem to infer that this way of working is here to stay,” Buffer says in a blog about The State of Remote Work 2020.

By integrating apps with devices, Hosted Voice allows your employees to work from any location and remain on your business network. It gives mobile and onsite workers access to the same phone system and the same business desk phone features, like extension-dialing and direct voicemail access. 

Unified Communications

Because Hosted Voice works as a unified system, it makes for seamless collaboration for employees, and translates into a benefit for internal and external communications at a company -- and that can be a real draw to people considering your company as an employer.

Phone calls, emails, instant messages, video, and call center functionality are all on the same interface and can be managed in many cases by individual staff members.

Whether you’re remotely accessing your hosted phone system via a smartphone, laptop or tablet, Hosted Voice maintains the ability to call associates and transfer calls as if you were at your desk.

Latest Apps, Call Features

Through Hosted Voice services, your employees enjoy the newest technology for business phone features, such as call handling, conference calling, call center integration, interactive voice response, and automatic call distribution.

“There are a whole host of sophisticated add-ons that businesses can ask a provider to set up,” says an Android Headlines article about cloud-based phone service.

From changing a voicemail greeting to altering ring patterns to making auto attendant modifications you simply log into your Hosted Voice online portal, purposely designed for ease of use, to execute the changes.