Fiber – Essential for a High-Tech Infrastructure

Fiber optic internet provides a fast, reliable internet connection at far greater speeds than competing technologies. Whether you have a small business or a large enterprise, fiber optic internet can improve productivity throughout every level of your organization. Here are just a few ways in which your business can be improved.

Better Connections to Cloud-Based Software Platforms

Many organizations today are moving towards cloud-based software platforms and away from native solutions. Cloud-based platforms have a lot of advantages, but they're also only as fast and reliable as your internet connection. When your internet service goes down, you can't access your cloud infrastructure. When your internet service is slow, every employee task will be slow.

Fiber services provide fast and reliable internet, which also makes your infrastructure easier to navigate, use and maintain.

Fewer Delays When Uploading and Downloading

Fiber connections are symmetrical. What does that mean? Every internet connection has a "download" speed and an "upload" speed, with "upload" controlling how fast you send data and "download" controlling how fast you get data. DSL and Cable connections are not symmetrical – they can download fast, but uploads are much slower. 

For residences, this is fine; most people are just streaming data and don’t have a need to upload as frequently as they download. Businesses are different. Employees may need to upload and download significant amounts of data every day. Symmetrical fiber connections can support very fast uploads, to better improve your business productivity. Fiber optic internet provides speeds up to 10 Gbps, much faster than DSL or Cable. 

The difference is substantial: uploading and downloading a file will take seconds over a fiber optic line when it would take minutes over another type of connection. Fewer delays means employees spend less time waiting and more time working. They can multi-task, uploading and downloading files, managing workloads via cloud-based programs and video conferencing effortlessly. 

Clear Connections for Video and Voice Calling

Does your business connect frequently through video? Do you have a VoIP line that you use for voice calling? Fiber connectivity makes it easier to complete video and voice calling without a hitch, thereby making it easier for your employees to communicate with customers, vendors, and colleagues. 

Clearer, more stable calling services will improve communication for all of your company's departments, making it easier for them to answer questions and get the answers that they need.

Less Troubleshooting Intermittent Connections

Fiber is fast and reliable, which ultimately leads to less troubleshooting and less down-time. Not only do employees need to spend less time trying to figure out why their internet connection doesn't work, but IT team members spend less time maintaining the system overall. With the support of a reliable fiber internet provider, you can ensure that your phone lines and your internet connection work when you need them to – and avoid costly disruptions. 

Internet is the driving force behind many businesses today. A better, more reliable internet connection will improve your company's operations throughout all departments – and it may even be the most cost-effective choice. By adopting fiber technology, your business can immediately acquire a new, high tech infrastructure that can expand with your needs.