Fiber Connections for Healthcare Data Security

If you work in the healthcare industry, you know that there are more demands on your internet service than ever—both your internal private network and your access to the outside world. Hospitals, group practices and other healthcare organizations require more bandwidth as they move from printed hardcopies to electronic records, they require software programs powered by the cloud, and most importantly, all communication systems must be secure.

Hospitals and doctors’ offices must meet these needs and keep costs down. If you haven’t looked at it yet, dedicated internet access (DIA) through a fiber network may be the ideal solution.

Benefits of Hospital Fiber Infrastructure

There are many reasons to choose fiber connections for your healthcare organization. Some of the most important include:

  • Speed – A fiber-optic switch is faster, as it uses delicate glass tubing instead of older copper cables to send phone, computer network, and television signals.
  • ScalabilityFiber connections can scale up to meet your organization’s needs—even up to 10 Gbps and beyond.
  • SecurityFiber security is unmatched. You can meet or exceed all industry regulations, providing a level of security your staff and patients will feel good about.
  • Infrastructure Compatibility – Fiber broadband is compatible with all the programs and services you already use.
  • Affordability – Fiber is scalable in 1 Mbps increments, and more affordable than you may think since you only pay for what you need.

Whether you need to connect a single healthcare location, two locations in the same area, or multiple offices across the country—we have hospital fiber internet solutions to keep your organization running securely.

Dedicated Fiber Solutions: Sparklight Business Can Help

At Sparklight Business, our healthcare Ethernet and dedicated internet access solutions are powered by a best-in-class, fiber infrastructure that provides solutions locally and nationally. We offer fiber internet for healthcare providers and Ethernet private network solutions that meet the speed and bandwidth needs of today's healthcare organizations.

Contact us to select an affordable and reliable solution that will keep your healthcare organization always connected and secure.