Dedicated Internet Access FAQs

For many businesses, the internet is accessed through lines that are shared with other users – for example, telephone lines and cable. For the most part this isn’t a problem; however an overabundance of users during peak times can cause “bottlenecks” that slow down or halt activity altogether. To avoid these situations, some businesses choose dedicated internet access.

What is dedicated internet access?

Dedicated internet access is a fiber optic connection that allocates a single fiber-optic strand to a single subscriber. That strand is dedicated to that subscriber. This means no other users can cause or create bottlenecks by using up the subscriber’s connection. Dedicated access is only available with a fiber-optic connection.

Do I need dedicated business internet?

As a general rule of thumb, businesses that need dedicated internet service are typically larger or have unique demands, such as the need to consistently upload and download large files or access applications through the cloud. A single strand of fiber-optic cable doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can be as fast as 10 Gig with symmetrical speed (equally fast download and upload speeds) and tons of bandwidth.

Call centers using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or SIP trunks can benefit from dedicated internet access. If your business uses a lot of bandwidth during peak times where slowdowns could interrupt internet activity, it may also benefit from a dedicated connection.

One exception to the larger business rule of thumb is the unique small- or mid-sized business that absolutely cannot afford downtime. For example, a video production company that uploads time-sensitive commercial spots would be a candidate for a dedicated internet access.

How fast is dedicated internet access?

While carriers vary, most provide speeds up to 10 Gig symmetrical service. The increased speed improves productivity in a few ways. Transferring files and using cloud-based programs is a snap, especially with the increased upload speeds. This means less wait time for you and your team. You’ll likely also be supporting both personal and professional smart phones, tablets and computers, in addition to peripherals like printers, POS terminals and wearables. With this service, you’ll provide quick, reliable internet service throughout the workday to all of these devices.

Do I need special equipment?

No. Most providers carry dedicated access along a fiber optic internet infrastructure that’s already in place and would provide the necessary hardware at the demarcation point at your place of business.

Do all providers offer dedicated internet access?

No. Because not all providers offer fiber. And dedicated internet access is only available over fiber.

Is dedicated internet access expensive?

Yes. In most cases. Because it’s fiber. And it’s dedicated just to your business, which means a strand of fiber-optic cable needs to be installed from the internet service provider to your location or locations. On the upside, if you’re a part of a business park or business district, fiber-optic providers will frequently absorb any construction or installation costs with the idea that they’ll land more business from your neighbors.

Reliability, speedy uploads and downloads, supporting multiple devices and cloud-based programs – if these considerations are key to running your business, you might find that dedicated internet access is the right choice for your business.