Considering a Fiber Internet Upgrade

Making the Case for an Upgrade to Fiber Internet

Fiber optic broadband options are popular for good reason: fiber Internet gives you the best possible connection with the fastest speeds available. Is your business ready to make the switch?

Whether you need an ultra-secure connection or speeds to power multiple devices, fiber Internet for small business can help increase your team’s productivity. With vastly improved upload and download speeds, along with plenty of bandwidth to share, you can say goodbye to data bottlenecks.

Most of today’s business broadband plans include fiber optic broadband options. Be sure and choose a fiber optic Internet provider who can future-proof your Internet service needs. Sparklight Business offers speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, so our dedicated internet access services can meet your bandwidth needs today and tomorrow.

Why choose fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet for small business is different than residential internet service. The Internet connection you get at home is usually shared between customers—whether it’s a fiber connection or service through a cable company. However, business fiber optic broadband options from Sparklight Business are Direct Internet Access (DIA) service, which means your business can connect directly to a fiber optics network. Since you won’t share your connection with other customers, you’ll get the speeds you pay for along with the security of a direct connection.

Business Fiber Optic Benefits

Your business doesn’t have to be an office to reap the benefits of fiber optic broadband options. A fiber Internet connection can benefit a variety of organizations who need reliability, symmetrical speeds, reduced latency, high-bandwidth cloud access, powering servers, VPN technologies, employee or guest Wi-Fi connections and more. Consider some of the ways your Internet connection is used by your employees and customers

  • Coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, bars, and cafes can offer free Wi-Fi to customers. With a fiber optic connection, you’ll have plenty of bandwidth for lots of customers to share.
  • Doctor and dentist offices, clinics, and community hospitals can also offer Wi-Fi to visitors and patients, helping provide a more comfortable stay.
  • Hotels and motels providing complimentary internet access to guests with the stability and reliability to power their reservation systems.
  • Regional banks can conduct secure financial transactions more rapidly: loan applications, Blue Book values, credit checks, and more.
  • Offices can provide a separate Wi-Fi connection for employees, along with visitor Wi-Fi connections.
  • Schools and libraries can power guest computers with fast broadband connections.

Are you ready to switch to Fiber?

Not sure you’re ready? It may take some time to do the analysis and research—and math—before you make your final decision to move to fiber. Consider these points:

  1. You should compare service from a fiber optic Internet provider to other services in your area. Are there fiber optic broadband options near you, or will a fiber connection require extensive construction? If fiber optic cables haven’t yet been installed in your area, construction costs for Fiber optic Internet speed can be high.
  2. Determine if your current network usage is under performing. Be certain you have enough bandwidth to support all your employees and the services they use. If you use a VPN or cloud services like Dropbox, WebEx, Box, QuickBooks, SalesForce, or Office 365, you’ll need more bandwidth than businesses that don’t use the cloud.
  3. Be aware that there are upfront costs associated with fiber optic broadband options—costs can be high, in the short term, since installing a fiber optic connection is more complicated than other installations. Check with a fiber optic internet provider to get an estimate of the initial costs for your business’s unique needs. After installation, you’ll pay a monthly service fee as with all business broadband plans.
  4. Also consider promotional pricing and installation timelines, as well as contracts and their length. Find out if your business will require additional hardware (and any associated costs) and what, if any, impacts there will be to your current network setup.

What if you’re not ready?

While fiber Internet for small business has upfront installation costs, over the long run, fiber optic broadband options can be equal in price—even less expensive than other options. Sparklight Business offers business broadband plans for every sized company in every industry—including fast cable broadband options with a variety of speeds up to 200 Mbps with 500 Mbps available in some regions.

Why choose Sparklight Business?

Sparklight Business’ fiber internet plans are customizable and scalable, so you get the Internet speeds you need at a price that’s right for your company. Our ultra-reliable, state-of-the-art network, nationwide Fiber backbone and 24/7 business-grade support services are always there to help keep you up and running.

Contact a Sparklight Business adviser today at 855.603-4237. You’ll get an experienced, local account executive with fiber experience. We can help meet your connectivity needs today and help you plan for growth.