Carrier Ethernet 101

Today, it is vital that a small business be able to share data or information as effortlessly as possible. Especially, if a business supports telecommuting, or has needs to network between individuals and locations. If you have researched networking technology, you have probably come across references to carrier Ethernet or carrier internet. While these terms may be unfamiliar to you, carrier grade Ethernet is a simple concept and one that can benefit your small business.

What is Carrier Ethernet?

Carrier Ethernet involves using high-bandwidth Ethernet technology to access the internet or facilitate communication between intranet services and local area networks (LANs). In many early cases, Carrier Ethernet was used by a telecommunications company (a carrier) to provide traditional Ethernet services to subscribers. However, a large firm, or a company with more than one location can also use it for networking around the corner or around the world without worrying about bottlenecks that occur with traditional Ethernet access.

In the early days, Carrier Ethernet came in the form of a Metro Ethernet connection—or Ethernet accessible within a metro area. However, with the advancement of this technology, the Carrier Ethernet concept can be used in many other ways, and can make it much easier for an organization to share data with different branches located far from one another.

How Does Carrier Ethernet Work?

With a traditional Ethernet internet connection, if too many servers or computers are connected with the host (the carrier), service would be slow and bottlenecks occur. With Carrier Ethernet, the carrier can split the service to multiple locations using copper, Wi-Fi, satellite and yes, Ethernet connectivity. It is just a matter of connecting to the company’s dedicated network. For a company looking to streamline networking, a Carrier Ethernet network can be a superior solution.

Benefits of Carrier Ethernet

Carrier Ethernet may provide several benefits to your business. First, Carrier Ethernet costs less per Mbps, increasing its value for those who need high bandwidth connectivity. Second, Carrier Ethernet comes with tools that make monitoring and troubleshooting easier from a single platform. Third, Carrier Ethernet is flexible when it comes to scalability, whether your business needs to jump to 100 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps.

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