Cable Service Providers for Bars & Restaurants

Looking for a cable TV service for your bar or restaurant? If so, then Sparklight Business has a package for you. By choosing the right sports bar TV system or restaurant TV, you can create the great environment your customers want (and deserve!) inside your business.

1. Excellent Reliability

When you’re a restaurant or bar owner, having reliable bar TV systems in place is vital to your customers' experience. Our cable TV service offers unrivaled reliability, so your customers can enjoy the big game without interruptions.

2. Quality Service

In addition to great reliability, Sparklight Business is proud to offer 24/7 support to all business customers, so you'll never be more than a phone call away from help with your TV services, if needed. We also offer multiple TV control systems so you can easily switch between channels on several different TVs within your bar or restaurant.

3. Exceptional Picture and Sound

Transport your customers to the center of the action with crystal-clear picture and quality sound from our restaurant TV systems, in addition to up to 200 channels with add-on options available to suit your specific needs.

4. Huge Savings with Bundle Packaging

We have a variety of TV bundle packages available that can save you as much as 20 percent on your pub TV systems, with plans with multiple TV control systems. We also have an Entertainment Preferred Package that includes additional sports channels, which we recommend for the best sports bar TV setup.

5. Enjoy a No-Risk Switch

When you make the switch from your current cable service providers to Sparklight Business, you enjoy the peace of mind of a risk-free switch. That's because we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee with our sports bar multiple TV setup and all other business TV services.

6. No Contract Required

Unlike other TV providers that will require you to commit to a one- or two-year agreement, our restaurant and sports bar TV services do not require you to sign a contract! You can cancel your services without penalty at any time, though we don't think you'll want to. We're confident enough in the quality and value of our services that we don't require a written commitment on your part.

7. Digital Music Options Available

In addition to our great restaurant and sports bar setup, we also offer digital Music Choice add-ons for just $40 per month. This service provides continuous, commercial-free background or mood music for your restaurant. And with more than 40 different formats to choose from, you can find the right fit to suit your restaurant's crowd and create the perfect ambiance!

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