Business Ethernet FAQs – Your Questions Answered

Sooner or later, growing businesses are faced with the challenge of staying connected to the internet and each other without compromising speed and reliability. This usually results in a discussion about business Ethernet, Ethernet cable and a variety of similar topics.

To help better facilitate this discussion Sparklight Business is pleased to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about business Ethernet services.

What is Ethernet?

Loosely defined as a collection of devices connected across a common network, Ethernet helps businesses with multiple computers or device users send and receive data without compromising speed or jeopardizing reliability.

What is LAN and WAN Ethernet?

The most commonly discussed Ethernet solutions are Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). Local Area Network (LAN) connection covers a relatively small area, such as an office, a building or a collection of buildings (i.e. a college or business campus). A Wide Area Network (WAN) Ethernet covers a larger geographic area, such as a community or metropolitan area.

How does Ethernet work?

While there are many variations on Ethernet configurations, they all revolve around the concept of computers or devices connected to each other via a hub for the purpose or transmitting and receiving data (i.e. internet content, emails, files, etc.). The hub acts as a gateway allowing data to flow to and from devices on the network and is usually connected to the service provider by a copper or fiber-optic cable.

What is Metro Ethernet Network?

Also known as carrier Ethernet or Metro-E, metro Ethernet is a general term for an Ethernet technology in a metropolitan area network. It provides connectivity to the public internet, and is also used to link corporate sites that are separated geographically.

What is Ethernet Private Line (EPL)?

Ethernet private line (EPL) is a fiber-optic business point-to-point network solution that provides secure, scalable, low-latency metro Ethernet connectivity between a main office and a secondary location. EPL over coax may also be available depending on the provider. 

What is Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL)?

Ethernet virtual private line (EVPL) uses Ethernet virtual connections in a hub-and-spoke type configuration that connects a main office with multiple satellite locations. EVPL over coax may also be available depending on the provider. 

Is Ethernet Costly?

While every installation is different, the costs associated with adopting a business Ethernet solution can include wiring, equipment such as hubs, and even construction. For an accurate estimate, it pays to talk to your provider. Sparklight Business can offer an estimate based on the needs of your small business needs.

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